Monday, July 20, 2009

"INDIA IS GREAT" but meaning will downgrade if you will sleep

Pardon for the language used in this post..
We are Indians..mera desh mahaan..India is the best....Just by saying these lines we are going to make ourselves superior, I don't know in whose eyes..
Yesternight at CMH road Defense colony (which is opposite to its name as no defense was there) in Bangalore, 7-8 guys boozed up brutally beaten two helpless African guys who were on their bike. They cried but nobody listened to them. 14-15 passersby were standing and enjoying the or two who were ready to go obviously can't deal with 7-8 bad guys. As a result they were taken back by their colleagues.

We are crying for the Indian racists attacks in Australia now what is this..If we are doing the same then for what we are crying for.We don't have the right to cry. If the two Africans would have been our brother, do even then nobody had got and saved them? They were even not having any known person to help them..It was just assassination of cows by jackals and rabbits and monkeys watching the puppet show.

If we sleep and will only watch then India will loose its greatness as its greatness lies with the following of citizen's duties and responsibility. We have language based riots, religion based riots..What I am looking Karnatak and Tamil people are fighting for this or UP-Bihar,MP-Chattisgarh,Bihar-Jharkhand,Hindu-Muslim, Delhi-Haryana fights are also well known..and we call our India great...India is not 1000 people. It is taken as a whole 1 billion citizens. And if any fish makes itself dirty either it needs to be cleaned off or removed.

If we learn something and start doing may be least things then we can make India fully great.The meaning becomes fake if you don't respect your own culture ,your brothers and sisters and overall humans. I had informed the police and given whatever information I gathered from that place while they were running. May be this can help a little for finding those cowards.


  1. Do you know about other parts of world ??
    DO you know about Australia america, europ , second world , 3rd world??
    Arent they like what you mentioned about India?


    Are you doing something to help . I mean besides crying this louder,, can you do a lil more constructive for mankind., if you can then go ahead do that and tell us. set an example if you can. and if you can not then also thr is no point on what u r doing.

  2. Racism and discrimination has always been a part of India. The so called Indian culture had historically been abused with practices like sati pratha, untouchability etc. Although these practices are rarely seen nowadays but then what you can see is groups and individuals who are powerful taking advantage of deprived ones. You don’t have to go so far women eve teasing and harassment is something very commonly seen even in location considered safe. Much of it has to do with our inability to treat everyone equally. We have a strong sense of ego/I for everything my family, my status, my religion, my gender, my country, my Indian cricket team and take it for granted when it comes respecting others.
    I am not blaming Indian culture for this I strongly believe that our culture is one of the richest in the world, but we never try and understand it. How many of us can actually tell what our culture is? Not many. We don’t have moral teaching as a compulsory subject in our education system and where it is there its just about cramming it to get passing marks. Life becomes difficult if we take into account that almost 60 percent of population doesn’t have basic education so forget about moral teaching, what they get is through the society they live in which not necessarily is what the Indian culture is. Even the religious teaching teaches us to respect our religion and directly or indirectly tells us that we are superior to others.
    I think it’s the responsibility of those who really feel and understand what this culture is to teach others about it. But sadly not many of us want to take this responsibility. “How many of us want to become teacher?” this question will not raise many hands in any class as compared to the ones who want to become doctors and engineers. But I do believe that things are changing and will change significantly with people like us taking responsibilty for the society we live in. We can do it and lets come together lets take out our (valuable)time and join to bring a change so that in future we may not write blogs like these and can write about how beautiful this country is....

  3. Abhy,

    We have a saying that "society is measured on how it treats it's innocents". There are some very influential people in the USA who don't share this opinion I want voted out of office.

    You and your generation will be the catalyst for change, be persistent and honest.

    Best of luck, I'm encouraged by your comments

  4. I really Admire your views Abhi. Keep up the good work. I am with you and I wish people must come along to fight togather against crime, instabilities, insecurities and social threats.


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