Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Its neither a concept nor an invention but what I think its a divine
process which elaborates the masterpiece of god's creativity. I am talking
about brainology.

Don't confuse with the term as you may not find it in dictionary. Just
suppose if I ask you to close your eyes and then ask you to touch your
middle finger or your right eyebrow or your left ankle or your left
thumb or your left little finger's nail or your right eyelash. You are
at all times be able to make the difference in the touch made. Also,
you may only touch the asked portion of your body.

What I had concluded from this is that brain is acting like a powerful
supercomputer which is depended on many analysis, calculations and
many logical combination which helps it to give the solution to the
query made to it. If you are asked to touch your little finger of your
left hand by closing your eyes you may definitely touch the same
without any mistake. Eyes had nothing to do with it. But it is always
not correct with the other objects like if I ask you to touch a pencil placed on a table
with your eyes closed you may get it touched wrong. Well the
thing which is coming in gyst is that if you are having proper,
structural, logic, analytical knowledge of anything you may not need
visual understanding or information you may just recognize it by the
calculations same as your brain does. Even you may try by moving your
hand and try to touch any part keeping your eyes closed, still you
touch the right thing. Means that your brain knows that at what time
your finger comes at what place so that your other hand can go to the
definite position to touch the part asked. All is calculation performed.

Now can you think of a vehicle or a aircraft without a cockpit or a
driver's seat or you may now think of a machine which may take care of
your daily routine work without making you indulge in it. Just think
and yes do not forget to act...

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