Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I express my gratitude and thanks to all for their critics and support on the post "India is not great presently".

I express my apologies to whom I had hurt with my word usage to their patriotism and feelings. But believe me it's not like area, state or country specific blame instead it was just a message to people who are still sleeping and whose awareness make India much better than present.

India is no doubt the best country and I love my country very much. I will try to make my language more refined and correct so that it may convey the message correctly. I need your support, guidance and valuable suggestions for making my effort useful and efficient.

Apart from this, this post(India is not great presently) was not in rhythm with the blog theme(despite it's an effort to create a revolution) so I had decided to make changes in the word usage for this particular post and in future, will try to post the theme matching, linguistically correct and proper matter only.

I request you to please go through the other post(s) for the theme matter and provide your comments on it. There are more ideas(posts) in queue.

Hope for your kind support and comments.

Thanks and regards


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