Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Election process can be automated by providing the voting facility on

Lots of youth force is indulged in many projects abroad or the individuals who are not in their constituencies. These votes are lagged behind and are not counted which may affect a country's future.

This process can be automated by providing this facility on internet.
Need of a id is there, which presently can be fulfilled by PAN / UID. Just
the user had to log in and cast his/her vote by using his PAN / UID and
voting is done.

Benefits / Revolution:
1.) Time saving.
2). No security expenses (physical personnel deployment at booths) incurred.
3). Reach to every person in any area (in country / abroad).
4). More votes can affect the election results.
5). Save revenue incurred on security, voting arrangements, EVM(s),
counting arrangements.
6). No need for voting holidays.
7). Election counting can become much faster.

Although this automation is not affective for the whole voting thing
but still affects a lot of things.

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