Saturday, June 2, 2012

Creating ArcGIS Map Service

The ArcGIS service is to be used for the display of the customized data layer on the web application.
If you have your set of data (.mxd project files), then you can create Map service through ArcGIS Manager. The URL of this service is used in creating web application. (as described in my other post

Let's see how its done step-wise :

  • Logging into the ArcGIS Manager:
  • You may find linkto "Service" in the left menu or on the Home Page as:

  • Select the "Add new service" link. Below you may see already added services:

  • Enter a name for your service:

  • On the next slide, you will find the browse button for "Map document", click on it:

  • A file browser dialog box will pop-up. From here you have to select the location of the .mxd file. (Remember the .mxd file should be kept in a shared folder on the server).

  • After entering "Map Document" path click "Next" to proceed further. (I am not touching other configurations as they are usage dependent and for basic map service not required).

  • At this step you will find the URL associated to this map service; Note it for giving it in "Map Resource Manager" property while making web application using WMA template in Visual Studio.
  • The next step shows you the type of service i.e. Pooled or Not Pooled. It means that the service would use cache based rendering or not. "Not Pooled" service is needed while doing "Editing Task".

  • Click on next (two times, no configuration need to be changed normally). You may reach final step. It will have the option of starting the service later or now.
  • Now go back to "Manage Services" under "Services" menu in left panel. You may find your service listed in the service list. You may click on the "plus" sign adjacent to service name to see the preview of the map service. If nothing is displayed it means something wrong with .mxd file.

  • You may click on the small lock icon under permission heading for the service.Through this you may restrict the access of the service.

You now have successful service creation.
Happy GIS development.

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